Turn Your Ideas Into Interactive Entertainment

Starting at $500

Salt & Pixel is taking commissions. Hello, I’m Brandon. I founded Salt & Pixel to create niche 2d games. You can find our games featured on Gamejolt and Newgrounds.

Reach a larger audience by turning your novels, comic books, board games or ideas into an interactive experience. Attract new customers with a game ad or have a game made for a friend’s birthday or wedding. We are a bit tongue in cheek but we take our work very seriously. We work hard to create a great experience. Our followers and players are true game enthusiast, and they’ve raised the bar on what we create. Give us your game, and we’ll make it stand out. We create commercial quality content. 

Prototypes, Demos, Full Games, Interactive Content, Game Ads, Fun Projects.

Questions? email Info@saltandpixel.com

Game Submission

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